Darryl Sittler and Grant Furlane to Co-Chair Have a Heart for Down Syndrome Foundation (HHDS)

TORONTO, CANADA, May 11, 2015 – Newly formed Have a Heart for Down Syndrome Foundation is pleased to announce the new Co-Chairs of the organization: Darryl Sittler and Grant Furlane.

Have a Heart for Down Syndrome Foundation (HHDS) was established to partner with groups supporting individuals with Down syndrome and their families. HHDS was founded by Darryl Sittler, a notable Hall of Fame hockey player, businessman and charity activist – including Special Olympics, and Grant Furlane, a local businessman and past Chairman of the BC Neurological Centre/Children’s Centre for Ability.

Halton Down Syndrome Association (HDSA) was the inspiration for both Sittler and Furlane to create the Foundation, in support of the needs and challenges that individuals and families face.

“When I met with some of the HDSA board, I was inspired by the devotion and passion they had. It is unmatched by anything I can measure“ says Co-Chair Grant Furlane. “The challenges that these families and siblings face every day are simply incredible!”

Furlane and Sittler both have lifelong personal experiences with family members having different abilities and truly felt that they could make a difference. “I understand that many of us have lead great whole lives, met challenges, and with support groups around us, managed to overcome many obstacles on our way to success” says Darryl Sittler. “Children with Down syndrome have the same aspirations and require the same support groups to reach their goals.”

HHDS has formed a very interactive and strong board to help make a change. The mission of HHDS is to promote awareness and inclusivity by providing the tools to HDSA (and other related associations) to help people with Down syndrome be active members within their community and lead fulfilled lives.

HDSA Chair and HHDS board member, Leanne Tovey, sums it up best: “HDSA has grown and our efforts have benefitted a significant number of families and individuals. It is now time for our goals and aspirations to grow – it is now time for change! It is so exciting to have HHDS involved – we can take another big step in helping the needs of our Down syndrome community.”

HHDS will be actively involved in running events to fund education, training and other initiatives to support people with Down syndrome. Please take the time to review the newly launched website for upcoming events and bios of the Foundation’s board members. Volunteers are welcome!

For more information about how you can support this amazing initiative through donations, sponsorship, or volunteering please contact Leanne Tovey at leanne@haltondownsyndrome.com.

Visit us at www.HHDS.org and www.haltondownsyndrome.com.