Sam Bandeira - Copy

Sam has had many wonderful years of involvement in dance, glee club, Special Olympics swimming, soccer and basketball where she has made many friends with both athletes and volunteers.  She has the ability to organize an event with you after just one meeting!  Her social skills have always been her strong suit, so in high school we pursued inclusion for her and asked that she attend her home school.  For four years, she was taxied at lunch time between two high schools where she received the “best or both worlds” of special education in the morning, Lunch Buddies club at lunch and inclusion at her home high school in the afternoon.  Over the years, she has been included in gym, art, nutrition, computer tech, drama, photography, vocal and instrumental music.  For the past 3 years, she has attended her home high school exclusively where she has been a part of the co-op program with placements at Longos, Tim Horton’s, Sunrise and Harper’s Landing.  Her lunch time was spent with a wonderful group of students who volunteer to eat with her and another boy named Jake who has followed the same programming as Sam for the past 7 years.  This club has been amazing for everyone involved. They have won the June Caldwell award for volunteerism, and most recently the HDSA World Down Syndrome Day video contest!  They had a special table at the prom this year where Sam and Jake were awarded Queen and King by the student body….a very touching end to a spectacular high school experience.  The future for Sam is bright with Have a Heart for Down Syndrome actively raising funds for a cafe in Oakville.  While this is in the works, Sam will attend the Applewood  Centre for Adult Learning in Mississauaga, as her “college” year.  Fingers crossed for possible employment with Tim’s as well!