21 stories: Meet the loving Liam Reid

The Reid family shares the story of happiness that unfolded when Liam joined their family. Their experience demonstrates that a Down syndrome diagnosis does not take away from the wealth of joy that comes with parenting <3

“Liam was born on December 21 st , 2005, 2 days before Robert’s and my 1 st anniversary. From the moment he was born, our whole family was smitten with him.

Liam has always been a superstar in our eyes. He works hard to reach milestones and one way or another he always reaches his goal. He has a healing touch and to watch him with his grandparents is a beautiful sight. He loves with his whole heart and touches each and every person who meets him.

He is a great big brother to his sister Evalyn. He is always there to cheer her on at a dance competition or to give her a hug in the morning.

Liam continues to fill our lives with laughter, happiness and wonder. He loves to swim, play baseball, play basketball, dance, read and sing. Most of all, he loves hanging out with his friends.

We have been truly blessed to be Liam’s family.”

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