21 Stories: Meet Liam Kealy; the tiny dancer

After years of trying to conceive Tricia finally got her wish and became pregnant with her older son Seamus. A magical gift but tainted by genetics related concerns from doctors after the initial series of ultrasounds. They advised Tricia and her husband Kevin to consider terminating the pregnancy due to a genetic marker they found, but their gut and strength told them “NO”. Seamus was born healthy with a wealth of energy and zest for life. At the time Tricia was content and happy to have been blessed with one child, but considered adding a second addition to their family in the future. She could not have imagined it would happen as fast as it did and before they knew it they were pregnant with baby #2.

At the 12th week mark Tricia went about the standard set of pregnancy testing when a scan revealed the same genetic markers that appeared with their older son. They were sent back to the genetics department, anxious and concerned. On the 20th week Tricia had a scheduled ultrasound, which revealed their little boy had a high likelihood of having Down Syndrome due to the genetic markers associated. There was never a question in their minds that termination was not an option. With the movements of their son inside, Liam had become part of the family long before they ever saw his precious little face. Tricia and Kevin enjoyed the pregnancy despite the challenges ahead. They could not have imagined just how much impact one small child could make on so many people when he finally came to the world. At first Liam struggled to sit up, but after ceaseless efforts he sat up at 13 months and never looked back! He went swimming, did horseback riding therapy, and took up physiotherapy to learn to walk. He used a walker and got leg braces, but finally at 3.5 years he took his first steps and now it’s hard to keep up with him. He has everyone running after him at all times! His delay in walking never stopped his ability to talk and at times he would chat up a storm with anyone in sight. Even though the conversation is often cryptic, Liam never fails to say “Hello” and lights up the room wherever he goes.

Liam has a love for art, music, reading and loves to dance. His persistence, patience, love and determination taught his family to never give up! The Halton Down Syndrome Association (HDSA) and its many contributors have provided a tremendous blanket of support for the family, leaving Tricia and her husband Kevin happy and grateful. Most importantly they are thankful to the many friendships they never thought they would make.

The Have a Heart for Down Syndrome (HHDS) foundation will continue to support its sister associations to provide other families in similar circumstances with the financial, moral and human support they need to overcome the hardships and focus on the opportunities ahead!

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