21 Stories: Meet Jacob; the boy who exceeds expectations and breaks limitations

I will always hear those words echoing in my ears “it’s not good news; your baby will have Down syndrome”.  Confused and scared I remember sitting and listening to doctors tell me all the things my child will never do and that he will never be like ‘normal’ kids. This information was determined months before he was even born.

This journey over the past 18 years has taught me many things; most importantly the concept of ’normal’ is overrated. Living life by a set of guidelines that stipulate when and how certain aspects of your existence should be accomplished, is a road I am proud to say we didn’t travel on. Instead we took the detoured route that showed us a road of determination, enthusiasm and perseverance. A road that showed us it doesn’t matter how and when you are to get somewhere, it’s the experience of the journey that you determine that matters most.

Jacob has always exceeded limitations that were ever put on him. When he looks at me and says “I got this”, I can be confident in knowing that he truly does. With a zest for life; he is a sports enthusiast who is always willing to try something new! He is witty, funny and has a charisma about him that attracts people to him. He is very social and enjoys being with his friends and family. He is looking forward to turning 19 so he can hang out at the pub with his buddies, graduate High School and attend college like his sister so he can one day work in the field his passions lie, the movies!

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