21 Stories: Meet the happy go lucky Adrian Beesley

Adrian Beesley is a happy go lucky 25 ­year­-old with a sharp sense of humour that lights up the room! He’s a very personable young man and likes to keep social with his friends and get involved in the community.  He is a proud member of the HDSA Grad Group and actively participates in all of their events. Although he can be a little quiet in big groups, he likes to take upon an engaging role and feels proud to have special responsibilities.

He is a proud employee of Swiss Chalet three mornings a week, and works at ARC on other days. One of the main goals set by the Have a Heart for Down Syndrome foundation is to provide his peers with similar work opportunities that focus on their capabilities and provide the sense of responsibility and self-fulfillment they deserve, which many of us often take for granted.

Adrian has worked hard to manage a speech disorder called Apraxia; he has also dealt with several major health challenges: open­ heart surgery, a liquid diet for several years, and having a pacemaker. Amazingly, He’s never complained about any of his hardships and challenges, facing them with great patience and remarkable positivity. Despite all his challenges Adrian is a big sports enthusiast, taking part in many sports activities including swimming, skiing, biking, bowling and soccer.

Adrian is an avid family man! He adores his older brother and sister and they are very involved with his life; he has brought much joy to his family.

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