21 Stories: Meet adorable Sydney Tovey

Leanne and Scott Tovey live in Milton with their beautiful children Aiden (9) and Sydney (5). When Sydney came into the world, she surprised everyone! She was three weeks early, born with a heart defect, and had Down syndrome. All of this was a surprise to Leanne and Scott, but all they knew was that their daughter was amazing and she was all theirs. Sydney spent two weeks in the NICU at McMaster Hospital and brought smiles to everyone who she came in contact with. Sydney has gone on to amaze everyone, reaching all her goals, flying through her open-heart surgery and has taken on Junior Kindergarten like a champ. Everyday Sydney learns more and more (walking, climbing, speaking), but more than this, everyday Sydney teaches everyone around her about kindness, happiness and unconditional love and acceptance. It is true that it takes a village to raise a child, and Leanne and Scott are blessed to have three villages – their network of family and friends – their Halton Down Syndrome Association family – and their new friends at Have a Heart for Down Syndrome! Sydney is the driving force behind bringing an already amazing extended family and friend network together. The support of Down syndrome associations such as the HDSA (Halton Down Syndrome Association) has made a tremendous difference in Sydney’s growth with the unconditional support and love that surrounds us <3

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